Queens Theatre Seating Plan

Sondheim Theatre Seating Plan (Formerly The Queen's Theatre - Les Miserables)

The Sondheim Theatre London has been home to Les Miserables the musical since April 2004. Our helpful London theatre guides have been designed to answer all of your questions - from tips of where the best seating is, to how many bars each floor has, and where the toilets are located.

We know London's West End and theatreland inside out. Our London-based team are lucky to be regular theatregoers and therefore have expert knowledge of all the musicals and plays we offer. Theatre is what we do.


Les Miserables the musical is shown at The Sondheim Theatre, located on Shaftsbury Avenue in London’s West End, just around the corner from Piccadilly station. One of the West End’s largest theatres, the former Queen's Theatre seats 1,045 people, it was built in 1907. It is known mostly for showing Shakespeare revival productions and hugely successful musicals. The Theatre was closed for almost 20 years after the war, which damaged the front of the house, as well as a large amount of damage to the Dress and Upper circle. It underwent refurbishment in 2009, increasing the capacity and generally improving the front of house experience for patrons. Les Miserables has been shown at this theatre since March 2004.

Stalls Guide

The Stalls are on the ground level of the Sondheim Theatre. They are closest to the stage and offer some of the best views in the theatre. Tickets near the front of the Stalls are often highly sought-after.

Dress Circle Guide

The Dress Circle is the middle tier of the Sondheim Theatre. This tier offers an elevated view of the stage. Tickets towards the front of the Dress Circle are often highly sought-after.

Upper Circle Guide

The Upper Circle is the top tier, the highest part of the Sondheim Theatre. This tier offers an elevated view of the stage. The Upper Circle is the furthest tier from the stage.

What facilities are available at the Sondheim Theatre?

Offering a selection of beers, wines, and soft drinks as well as various bar snacks.

Air Conditioning
Comfortable, cool surroundings throughout the Sondheim Theatre.

Merchandise Kiosk
The perfect place to pick up a memento.

About Les Miserables the musical

Les Miserables is set amongst the backdrop of France’s revolutionary war, this timeless sung-through musical tells the story of ex-convict Jean Valjean, who is mercilessly hunted at the hands of Police Inspector Javert. Jean’s redemption comes when he is forced to care for a young girl, as a group of young idealists make a noble last stand.

Where is the Sondheim Theatre?

Sondheim Theatre London

51 Shaftesbury Avenue

How do you get to the Sondheim Theatre?

Tube Lines
Piccadilly Line and Northern Line.

Nearest Tube Station
Leicester Square Station.

Car Parking
Locations throughout the West End.

Nearest Overground Station
Charing Cross Overground Station