Fortune Theatre Seating Plan

Fortune Theatre Seating Plan (The Woman in Black)

The Fortune Theatre London has been home to The Woman in Black since March 1989. Our helpful London theatre guides have been designed to answer all of your questions - from tips of where the best seating is, to how many bars each floor has, and where the toilets are located.

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The Woman in Black is shown at The Fortune Theatre, which is situated on Russell Street in the West End of London, close to Covent Garden tube Station. Built in 1924, this 440 seat venue is on the site of inns occupied by actors and previous theatre dating back to 1610. The first production at the Fortune Theatre was Sinners by Lawrence Cowen, which opened on November 8th 1924.

Stalls Guide

The Stalls are on the ground level of the Fortune Theatre. They are closest to the stage and offer some of the best views in the theatre. Tickets near the front of the Stalls are often highly sought-after.

Dress Circle Guide

The Dress Circle is the middle tier of the Fortune Theatre. This tier offers an elevated view of the stage. Tickets towards the front of the Dress Circle are often highly sought-after.

Upper Circle Guide

The Upper Circle is the top tier, the highest part of the Fortune Theatre. This tier offers an elevated view of the stage. The Upper Circle is the furthest tier from the stage.

What facilities are available at the Fortune Theatre?

Offering a selection of beers, wines, and soft drinks as well as various bar snacks.

Air Conditioning
Comfortable, cool surroundings throughout the Fortune Theatre.

Merchandise Kiosk
The perfect place to pick up a memento.

Hot Drinks
Fresh coffee and tea are available from the theatre bars.

About The Woman in Black

Woman In Black tells the ghostly story of widowed solicitor Arthur Kipps. Arthur has allowed his grief for his wife to jeopardise his career, and therefore the financial wellbeing of his family. Given one last chance by his firm, Arthur sets out on a seemingly routine assignment, to the remote village of Crythin Gifford to sort out the affairs of a recently deceased, eccentric client. However, he is soon plagued by the spectral figure of the mysterious Woman in Black, as strange goings-on befall the villagers, and Arthur’s investigations into his client’s affairs reveal a tragic past and a deadly secret. This supernatural thriller doesn’t rely on Grand Guignol blood and guts to shock audiences, instead introducing a creeping sense of dread through a series of unsettling events, both on and off-stage, as the audience is gradually immersed in the play’s ghostly world.

Where is the Fortune Theatre?

Fortune Theatre London

Russell Street

How do you get to the Fortune Theatre?

Tube Lines
Bakerloo Line and Northern Line.

Nearest Tube Station
Charing Cross Tube Station.

Car Parking
Locations throughout the West End.

Nearest Overground Station
Charing Cross Overground Station